The Cannabis Flower of Life Tarot deck came through me in what can only be equated as a “spiritual birth”. A phenomenon that has persisted throughout human history, usually of spiritual or religious leaders, guru’s and channels, and is sparked by tremendous energy, or passion on an “otherworldly” level. My spiritual birthing of this deck happened on June 1st of 2018 and can be read about HERE. This article will give you insight into the deck you now hold and use, and how I was seeded with this deck after visiting a tour of cannabis paraphernalia at the Harvard Houghton Library in the fall of 2017. A tarot deck, used by Madame Lenormand, was showcased in this display, and with one solitary card showing a cannabis plant, her spirit seeded me, and the cards started coming through soon afterward. Personality by personality, the Cannabis Flower of Life Tarot deck was solidified in January of 2018 when the third part of our tarot deck “trinity” was confirmed, with Emilie DeMun as the graphic artist capturing the personalities and visions Madame Lenormand and the cannabis plant spirit called to me to produce.

The deck was created with the purest intention of the cannabis plant spirit’s wishes which are to show the different types of her strains, both marijuana and hemp, and all the different types of human “strains” that she has interacted with for thousands of years. The deck’s rich diversity of both person and plant was created in a way that honors the plant’s intention for healing, and divine connection for all of our species.

While the deck has been called to not have a traditional “forward or reverse” placement in its readings, ultimately, each card is to be viewed from whatever energy and wisdom the card reader and/or the card viewer (readee) are being called to cite. Overall, the deck is made to give the reader and readee, the insight and connection to the information they choose to receive right then, good or bad, light or dark, yin or yang, but to be ultimately held as an open source of possibility for how the cards are to be read or received. The formatting of the reading is only to be structured by the reader or readee at the time of connection. The one caveat to this open-opportunity for translation is the cannabis plant spirit’s wishes to convey a formatted spread, which I received after the deck was completed in the summer of 2018. The spread that was given to me and that is suggested to use, is called the Cannabis Flower of Life Tarot Spread and is centered around the trinity aspect of the entire plant’s life intention. Since channeling and writing my first book, The Next Level – Cannabis Wisdom for Our World, I’ve known that the cannabis plant spirit lives at a frequency aligned within all of divinity, not just as a physical manifestation for healing, but as a bridge to the divine, and a connection to human universal awareness. A “trinity” effect that has come through to me while channeling the plant spirit, over and over.

The recommended Cannabis Flower of Life Tarot Spread is to be spread out as shown below…

You are to lay out three cards in any order, as long as you know which is the root, center, or crown card (see example above). The three cards in this spread show you the top card as the crown chakra connection that we (and the plant) has to the divine, or in other words, the near future projection of our situation or request/ask. The center card is the heart chakra connection, or the present moment of the situation or request/ask, and the bottom card which is the root chakra connection to the earth is the card of the recent past of the situation or request/ask.

While I have had many requests to “do readings” for others, my placement in this deck’s birth and presence in our world does not dictate my individual reading of the deck to any person unless called at the time. As any that have encountered me since it’s birth will tell you, I am to TEACH others how to channel and guide using the plant spirit’s bridge to the divine with this deck, not to do individual readings with it. So I encourage you to sit with the deck for yourself and others and feel what the plant spirit is calling for you to do with its abilities and connection. This deck has, and remains, incredibly powerful in its insight, guidance, and teachings, and every person that has come into contact with it has said so too. I trust that your deck will also provide the powerful ability to connect you and/or your readee to the ethereal realms of wisdom and knowing, and I encourage you to share your experiences with us on the deck’s Instagram page at

Thank you for being a part of our growing, connected family. All the best to you in all your interactions and experiences with this first, and one-of-a-kind bridge to the divine in all of us!